Exploring Autodesk Revit   Structure 2014 
Sham Tickoo, Purdue University Calumet and 
Published by CADCIM Technologies, USA

ISBN: 978-1-936646-50-0
512 pages

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Exploring Autodesk Revit Structure 2014 textbook explains the concepts and principles of Revit Structure through practical examples, tutorials, and exercises. This enables the users to harness the power of BIM with Autodesk Revit Structure 2014 for their specific use. In this textbook, the author emphasizes on physical modeling, analytical modeling, rebar modeling, and quantity scheduling. Also, the textbook covers the various stages involved in analyzing the model in Robot Structural Analysis software. This textbook is specially meant for professionals and students in structural engineering, civil engineering, and allied fields in the building industry.

In this textbook, special emphasis has been laid on the concepts of structural modeling and these concepts have been explained using relevant graphical examples and illustrations. In addition, the tutorials and exercises given in this textbook relate to the real-world projects and thus help you in understanding the usage and functionalities of the tools available in Autodesk Revit Structure. Moreover, the textbook has numerous tips mentioning alternative ways to perform a task, and the notes to make the concepts clear and give additional information.

Following are the additional features of this book:

  • A comprehensive textbook covering all tools and commands of Revit Structure 2014
  • Consists of 512 pages organized in 10 pedagogically arranged chapters
  • Contains hundreds of illustrations, and numerous tips and notes
  • Student project for assessing the knowledge of the students
  • Real-world projects and examples focusing on industry experience
  • Step-by-step examples that guide the users through the learning process
  • Includes changes and enhancements specific to Revit Structure 2014
  • Effectively communicates the utility of Revit Structure 2014
  • Includes Introduction to Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis software
  • Self-Evaluation Tests, Review Questions, and Exercises at the end of each chapter

    Brief Table of Contents
    Chapter 1: Introduction to Autodesk Revit Structure 2014
    Chapter 2:
    Getting Started with a Structural Project
    Chapter 3:
    Setting up a Structural Project
    Chapter 4: Structural Columns and Walls
    Chapter 5:
    Foundations, Beams, Floors, and Open Web Joists
    Chapter 6: Editing Tools
    Chapter 7:
    Documenting Models and Creating Families
    Chapter 8: Standard Views, Details, and Schedules
    Chapter 9:
    3D Views, Sheets, Analysis, Reinforcements, and Massing
    Chapter 10:
    Linking Revit Model with Robot Structural Analysis

    Student Project

    Evaluation Chapters of Exploring Autodesk Revit Structure 2014 textbook 
    (zipped pdf files)


      c01_revit_st_2014_eval.zip             c02_revit_st_2014_eval.zip
    c03_revit_st_2014_eval.zip             toc_revit_st_2014_eval.zip
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    Exploring Autodesk Revit Structure Files (zipped files)
    Files used in tutorials and illustrations of the book
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    c04_revit_st_2014_prt.zip               c05_revit_st_2014_prt.zip
    c06_revit_st_2014_prt.zip               c07_revit_st_2014_prt.zip
    Tutorial files
    (zipped files)
      c02_revit_st_2014_tut.zip               c03_revit_st_2014_tut.zip
    c04_revit_st_2014_tut.zip               c05_revit_st_2014_tut.zip
    c06_revit_st_2014_tut.zip               c07_revit_st_2014_tut.zip
    c08_revit_st_2014_tut.zip                c09_revit_st_2014_tut.zip
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